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    An impressive weight with good levels of waterproofing and breathability. Terra Nova says The classic bivi designed for minimalist backpacking use, uses Terra Nova Moonlite fabric upper for greater comfort and features a Waterbloc ground sheet for extra durability. A single pre-curved DAC 8.7mm alloy pole provides easy access to the bivi, and the full size mesh door adds maximum ventilation and bug protection. The Jupiter Lite Bivi is a great alternative to a tent for the solo backpacker. Our Verdict Terra Nova's Jupiter Lite Bivi weighs in at an impressive 548g without pegs or bags. There are six points to peg out but these can easily be adjusted depending on the conditions. The bag has a durable floor and provides a good level of waterproofing for wet weather trips. There is a decent level of breathability but it is still a bivvy and condensation does occur and the amount is very much dependent upon the conditions you're using it in. The entrance is decent for a bivvy and makes it easier to get in and out. The alloy pole creates a great space inside, making it feel more like a small tent than some of the more basic bivvies. It's still very much a confined area but it does free up enough space to have a read or store a few extra items compared to the normal amount of space afforded by a bivvy. Details: Lightweight, waterproof and highly breathable.
    Now supplied with Terra Firma Mini Pegs.
    A pre-curved DAC aluminum alloy pole provides headroom and ventilation.
    No-see-um mesh door to keep bugs out.
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