BD DISTANCE LT 1100 Headlamp

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    Lightweight and compact, the Distance LT 1100 is built to shine on pre-dawn-to-dark endurance days, where every ounce counts. The bounce-free design features a slim, pivoting lens assembly, while the main rechargeable battery housing remains fixed and stable against the headband. The integrated PowerTap™ Technology temporarily boosts the light to 1100 lumens with a simple tap for long-range viewing, and automatically dims after 10 seconds to conserve battery life. The Distance’s engineered lens design maintains broad, diffuse lighting and depth perception through the range of brightness levels.


    • Low profile, suspended headband provides superior comfort during use
    • Pivoting light engine keeps the mass of the battery close to body to minimize bounce and movement while running
    • Battery provides 4.25 hours of light at max setting (600 lumens) on a single charge
    • PowerTap™ Technology boosts beam to 1100 lumens (dims automatically after 10 seconds to save battery life)
    • Rechargeable 2200 mAh Li-ion battery charges via USB-C port and can be swapped out on the go
    • 3-color, RGB LED for additional performance mode
    • Multifaceted optical lens design provides a combination of depth lighting to better spot obstacles and smooth, diffuse light for consistent visibility
    • Submersible IP67 waterproof rating

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